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Once You Are Hired You Can Be Fired or Laid Off !!! This has been the experience of millions of people around the globe. However, act now and be one step ahead of your boss. Learn to become Internet savvy and make money from your home. This is where everyone is learning to or has become successful over the past decade.

The simplest and probable one of the least expensive way to get started is by Affiliate Marketing. Once you can use a computer and read your emails, you are on your way to becoming the next success making money on the internet. To get started with Affiliate Marketing – you do not need your own product – you do not need technical computer skills – you can do this with any computer that has internet connection.

– First, go to: Clickbank and click on sign-up. It is Free.
– Remember your Nickname – this is what you will be using to get links to your product website.
– After signing up, go back to [] and login.
– Click on Marketplace. A new page opens with Categories. This is where you will have access to thousands of products that you can sell.
– Choose a category and a product page will open. Choose a product and click on Promote.
– A pop up window will appear, enter your clickbank "Nickname" and click on Create.
– Two Urls will appear – the black one is your direct link to the seller website.This is the Url that buyers will click on.
– Once they click on this URL they will be taken to the Seller's website and when they purchase the product, you will be paid for promoting that product.

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