Backpacking in Australia

A Budget Travelers' Guide to Australia

Australia has become something of a backpacking establishment. But although it has become long in the tooth in terms of hosting budget travelers, its range of backpacking attractions are as fresh and exciting as ever.


One of the reasons it has managed to maintain its place at the top of the budget traveler itinerary is the ability for foreign nationals from selected countries to apply for a working holiday visa.

Lasting for up to 12 months, workers can try and find a job in a major city such as Melbourne or Sydney within easy reach of cheap hostels in Australia and explore their many sites. Conversely, travelers can opt for the plentiful fruit picking work in more remote regions so they can better explore the 'outback'.

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Australia is rightly renowned for its natural beauty, with relatively cheap forays to stunning attractions, such as the Barossa Valley and Cradle Mountain inshore or the Great Barrier Reef offshore, as well as Queensland's Sunshine Coast, all established must-sees.

Events such as the Sydney Festival in January and the Adelaide Festival of Arts in March offer plenty on a budget, including open air concerts and street theater. However be warned: competition for budget accommodation is high around festival time, so be sure to book in advance.


But with Australia hostels often scarce in these remote destinations, transport around the country is a key budget traveler issue. There are cheap flights between major capitals offered by providers such as Virgin Blue Australia and Air New Zealand.

However, rail is a popular backpacking option, with trains servicing major cities such as Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney as well as making more remote locations such as Broken Hill more accessible.

Conversely, for travelers keen on staying in the country for an extended period of months, sometimes traveling between hostels in Australia's many great destinations, hiring or buying a car is also a popular option.

There are dedicated websites and companies that deal specifically in the exchange, sale and purchase of vehicles for gap year travelers and long-term visitors, as well as plenty of cheap car hire options in major cities.

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