Earn Money Blogging Online and Have Fun Doing It!

If you do not know it yet, let me share the good news. You can earn money blogging online and guess what? It's tons of fun. Many people still do not understand the amazing opportunities that blogging can create. Often it is seen as simply an online journal that teens or young mothers share with their friends. However, it's so much more than that. Blogging is a concrete way to either make an extra income or even to earn a full time living. You do not even have a to be super great writer. If you could write term papers in high school, you can earn money blogging online. Only this time a teacher is not picking the topic, you are.

A blog is simply a website on a particular topic. Blogging software is easy to install and use, even if you're not a technical person. That is what makes blogging so amazing … it's user-friendly availability. You can host your own blog or you can use free online platforms. There are many options in the world of blogging. And more people are reading blogs than ever before.

In fact blogging is quickly becoming as big a past time as watching television. More people will bookmark and return to a blog than most other types of websites. And since search engines love blogs for their dynamic content, being listed well is much easier.

When trying to earn money blogging online these are the things you want to keep in mind when you get started:

  1. Start a blog on topics that have mass appeal. Look for topics that will help people, or answer "desperate" questions. Just ask yourself, "What are people passionate about?" Or, what problems do others constantly need answers to.
  2. You also want to be able to pair your blog content with an affiliate product so you can make decisions. So, it's important to pick topics that people are willing to spend money on. Things like weight loss, dating, pet care, and health issues are always popular. Of course these are very broad, so you will want to narrow the focus considerably.

  3. Look for keyword phrases that are not as competitive as a broad keyword term. For instance "weight loss" is extremely competitive, but if you narrow down to a specific kind of weight loss method, you will find that it is not nearly as competitive and it will give you a much better chance of getting placed well in the search engines.

4. It's important that you content be top quality so that visitors will stay on your site and keep reading. The longer they stay the better your chance that they will begin clicking the ads, which in turn will make you money.

Source by Anne Marie Baugh

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