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While you should not necessarily quit you day job to take online surveys, it can be quite a lucrative field if you just devote some time to it. There's a lot of hearsay floating around the internet about how all paid survey sites are scams, you can not make any money of surveys, etc, etc. This is simply not the case. The people who are propagating these rumors are probably the people who never took it seriously in the first place. You know, the type of people who look for that 'magic button' that will make them $ 100 a click for doing next to nothing. Let me just make one thing clear: surveys are NOT that 'magic button.'

Sign up to lots of survey sites
If you want to make some serious cash from surveys, you need to take every (and I mean EVERY) opportunity that you can get. It's simple: the more companies you sign up with, the more surveys you get and, since, the more you absolutely make.

Earning potential
Depending on the length of the survey, you stand to make anywhere from $ 5 to $ 75 a survey; shorter surveys pay you less, longer surveys pay you more.

Paid survey sites
There are services where you have to pay a one-time fee for them to send you surveys – I highly recommend signing up for one of these. Most people will tell you that you can find the surveys that these companies send you for free if you look long and hard enough but I ask you: how much do you value your time? Because you Are going to be looking long and hard. Remember, taking paid surveys is, by its very nature, a job. Would you rather be paid $ 5 / hour or $ 30 / hour? Of course, the latter. The point I'm trying to make here is that, although, you might be able to find the surveys on your own independently, the money you save is not a cost-effective trade off for the time you'll waste, time that could be spent on doing more surveys and earning you more money.

Surveys are great and a popular way to make money precisely because of the flexible hours. Even if you have a full time job you can still make time to do a few surveys, in fact, some people (including myself) find them to be a relaxing way to wind down after work, make all the more relaxing from the fact that I'm getting paid for the surveys. Granted, most internet money making 'opportunities' (and I use the word loosely) have flexible hours but a lot of them are dubious at best. Here's something that actually works, all you need to do is take it seriously.

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