How to Make Money From Paid Surveys Online

Making money from paid surveys has never been easier in modern times. As more and more people go online (studies show that 80.6% of Australians are actively using the internet), market research companies are using the internet more and more to conduct their research.

This recent increase in online market research is great news for those such as yourself who are looking to supplement their current income with simple online activities. Consider the amount of time you spend on the internet now -if you're anything like me it's not an unsubstantial amount- now think how much time you could be spending on earning money instead of on pointless browsing.

Now where to begin? Well the first thing you should do is run a search on paid surveys on a good search engine such as Google. A Search such as "Online Paid Surveys" should do nicely. Now what things should you be looking for when you visit one of these paid surveys sites?

  • Registration Fees- If you are not willing to invest any money into your new money making scheme then make sure there are no registration fees. Most of these sites are trying to rip you off anyway and there are plenty of free survey sites so it is not necessary to pay fees.
  • Rewards- What kind of reward are you looking to receive for the time you spend? Cash is obviously the best reward, however a lot of these sites use gift vouchers as redeemable rewards and these are almost as good as cash. The thing to look out for here is sites that offer 'sweepstakes' or 'monthly draws' as rewards, these do not offer high returns and you could very well go your whole new 'career' without receiving any rewards from these sites.

  • Payment Method- If you're doing surveys for cash then you need to find out how you will be paid. Some paid surveys sites offer PayPal as a payment method while others will send you a check; it's about a 50/50 split. Both are reasonable however so either method is normally acceptable to most people, but it is good to know.

Now once you've found your first paid surveys site and signed up to take their surveys, I want you to find the next one. And after you've found the next one and signed up to that, I want you to find the next one. Do you sense a pattern forming? The truth is if you want to earn any kind of substantial amount from taking online surveys, you have to sign up to multiple sites. This may seem tedious, however once you've signed up to a few sites and taken some surveys, the rewards will really begin to add up.

Source by Robert Westford

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