How to Make Money Writing Online

The whole internet is based on content. Whether it is text, audio or video, content is the life blood of internet. Written text content are probably the most popular form of internet content. There are millions of pages with text content and everyday millions of more pages added. Now, there are people who create websites to make money. Many of them lack the skills of writing content or do not have the time to do so. Here is the opportunity for people like you to make some money writing online. If you can write good quality content in many subjects, then you can make money online.

Writing Articles For Article Sites-There are hundreds of them. You can write article in any topic of your choice. Some of them offers to pay upfront payment. They pays you a small fee per accepted article. Some of them offer ongoing revenue sharing. They pay you a certain percentage of the revenue generated from your articles. There other article sites that pays both upfront payments and offers revenue sharing. You can find many types of article sites. Few articles are How-to sites that only accepts how-to articles. You can submit a small ready to be implemented action how-to article in any topic. If you're an expert in any particular subject like web designing, photography, Photoshop then you can earn writing tutorials. There are sites where you can earn writing reviews of websites, books, movies, etc.

Write For Hub Sites-Hub sites are great for creating good regular revenue stream. There are few of them. Squidoo and HubPages are the best among them. You can earn many revenues from your pages in these sites. You can simply write affiliate product reviews in these sites and get paid every sell through your affiliate link.

Create Your Blog-You can create your blog. There are few free blogging tools like blogger, movable types that allows you to create a blog and monetize that. If you want to get complete freedom for your blog then go for the self hosted WordPress blog. You can earn from your blog-from advertising revenue, affiliate sells, writing paid reviews. The best practice of starting a blog is to choose a niche of your expertise and start writing original search engine optimized quality articles.

Freelance Writing-Freelance writers can earn a lot of money. As a freelance writer you can make money in many ways. There are websites that accept articles for very good payments. As a freelancer you have the option to be a ghost writer, where you sell your content for money but the buyer get complete rights over your content. Freelance writing world is full of scams. So to start as a freelancer you should be very cautious. You can use freelancing job sites to find freelance writing jobs.

Write eBooks-eBooks is a huge industry. If you're an expert in a particular niche then you can write your eBooks to make money. The best way to earn lots of money from your eBook is to join a affiliate network like ClickBank. You do not need to do much. If the quality of the product is good then affiliates will make all the sells for you. You get paid for life. Of course there are many other ways to make money writing online. But, these are the best possible ways to make money writing online.

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