RTA Theory Test UAE 2017 Questions and Answers

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RTA Theory Test UAE 2017 Questions and Answers

RTA Theory Test UAE 2017 Questions and Answers


RTA Theory Test UAE 2017 Questions and Answers – This Light Motor Vehicle Handbook is a guide to safe driving not just for learner drivers but also for experienced drivers. Experienced drivers from other countries will find those road laws as they apply to Dubai may be different compared to the road rules from their countries of origin. Road networks and traffic situations in Dubai are also different. Reading and understanding the contents of this handbook will go a long way in ensuring hassle-free motoring in Dubai. During the RTA Test course of your driver training, this handbook will be an essential tool for learning to drive safely. Refer to its contents in RTA Test whenever necessary, as they are important information that will help you pass both the theory test as well as practical driving test. Even after you have passed your tests, it will be beneficial to read this handbook from time to time as it can help clarify some of the issues you may encounter during your driving. Remember that in RTA Test learning to drive does not end after you have passed your tests. Driving situations may change at any given time. To deal safely with these ever-changing situations require skills and experience that can only be gained through practice. The first few months after getting your license are usually the most dangerous period of driving. During this period, young drivers are usually excited by the newfound freedom of being able to drive independently. This is also the time when new drivers feel the need to test the limits of their driving ability. The lack of experience and the sensation of speeding are usually a very dangerous combination. Do not fall into this trap.

Let’s start the RTA Test by clicking on play button. In total you have to answer the 45 questions out of 36 must be correct to clear this test.

RTA Test UAE Questions and Answers

RTA Theory Test UAE 2017 Questions and Answers
rta questions for driving test

Read the questions carefully and complete the full quiz. 

RTA Test UAE Questions and Answers

Question 1 of 15.

How do you avoid aquaplaning?

1. By not travelling in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you
2. By increasing the air pressure in your tyres
3. By slowing down, increasing following distance and travelling in middle lanes if possible
Question 2 of 15.

One of the many techniques to safe driving is

1. to try to stay ahead of the other drivers every time
2. to try to focus on the operating the vehicle only
3. to try to predict what other drivers will do next
Question 3 of 15.

You wish to overtake safely on a two-way road. You must NOT overtake if

1. There are no road markings in the centre of the road.
2. There are two solid yellow lines in the centre of the road.
3. There are broken white lines in the centre of the road.
Question 4 of 15.

Which of the following is more important?

1. Looking ahead for hazards
2. Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy
3. Controlling your vehicle in a skid
Question 5 of 15.

Camel is crossing on the road what you will do?

1. Cross from back the camel
2. Wait and stop until the camel cross the road
3. Use your head lights
4. Cross in front of the camel
5. Use your horn so that he can go fast
Question 6 of 15.

Extra care must be taken when driving near schools because

1. Young kids are playing in these areas
2. Speed limits are different in these areas
3. Young kids may cross the road without looking
Question 7 of 15.

When driving you should

1. Look at the front, the sides and check mirrors to know what is happening all around.
2. Look at the front of the vehicle only
3. Look at the front and use the rear view mirror only
Question 8 of 15.

You will be a safer driver if you drive just a little bit slower because

1. You will have time to look at the scenery
2. You gain more experience by driving slowly.
3. You can respond to hazards by slowing down quicker
Question 9 of 15.

You are driving towards an intersection that has green lights and you see that traffic is blocking the intersection. What should you do?

1. Stop and wait for the intersection to clear.
2. Move into the intersection beside the vehicle in front.
3. Move into the intersection behind the vehicle in front.
Question 10 of 15.

New drivers have a high crash rate because they

1. lack confidence in their driving skills
2. have not done many hours of driving practice.
3. can be distracted by other peoples advice
Question 11 of 15.

Driving is more dangerous if you

1. Adjust the radio as you drive.
2. Talk on a mobile telephone as you drive.
3. Adjust the radio or talk on a mobile phone as you drive
Question 12 of 15.

How should you drive into a bend in the road?

1. Accelerate a little.
2. Slow down gradually.
3. Continue at the same speed.
Question 13 of 15.

If your car breaks down you should?

1. call the police station
2. Warn other drivers by using hazards lights.
3. Leave vehicle on the road and walk away
Question 14 of 15.

You are driving on a multilane freeway. When should you drive in the left lane?

1. At any time
2. Only to overtake
3. only if you are travelling at the speed limit
Question 15 of 15.

A yellow traffic light means that you must

1. Speed up to get through the intersection before the light turns red.
2. Stop providing it is safe to do so.
3. Stop immediately

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RTA Test UAE Questions and Answers

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