Search Engine Optimization – How to Get 1st Page Results With SEO

Millions of searches will be done on the web today. Many of those searches may be for exactly what you have to offer, but if you do not have your site positioned correctly, you are leaving money on the table. The process of getting your web site to the top of the search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When it comes to getting traffic to your site or offers, you have two choices to make. Either pay for traffic through which advertising can bring traffic immediately, but if managed poorly, can be a very cost-effective lesson to learn. The other option is to get "organic" traffic for free.

This has the potential to bring traffic that is actually searching for your targeted keyword phrase and not just immediate traffic, but traffic for months and years to come. SEO may seem complicated, but in reality it is just the matter of making your web page attractive to search engines so that it ranks well. If you have not yet, do some research on search engine optimization and find out how you can optimize your site for better page ranking and to get you the most traffic as possible. Here are some main points to consider when optimizing your web site for the search engines:

• Have the targeted keyword phrase in the title tag
• Choose a keyword phrase to target that is not too competitive.
• Have the targeted keyword phrase in the meta description
• Have the targeted keyword phrase in the content once or twice
• Always have unique content on your site that can not be found anywhere else. This can also lead to quality backlinks to your site.
• All outbound links are in a "links" section
• Anchor text links preferably in the last paragraph on page
• Cloak all affiliate links and have a YouTube video on your page if at all possible
• Content is KING- Always strive to have great content on your site and add new content often
• Try and get links from reputable sites (.edu specifically)
• Create an XML or Google sitemap- helps search engines find all the links on your site
• Put up links on your site that flow within the text
• Get linked in at DMOZ, Yahoo !, and any other directories that show your web page is related to the section of the directory.
• Link all Images- Link images to different pages within your web site.

These are just a few, but by putting the points above into work to make your web page more attractive to search engines , you will start seeing more traffic, quality backlinks, and ever a higher page rank. Take your time to thoroughly research how to optimize your web pages because by putting them into effect on your website, will be the key to getting you higher search engine rankings and bring you swarms of free traffic to your site for years to come.

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