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Top Search Engines are Beneficial to Web Site Owners

Ask any web site owner what they feel is the single most important method of attracting traffic and you will get the same answer. Being ranked in the top search engines is the method to use for driving traffic to your site. So why are the top search engines beneficial to web site owners? The answer can be a little involved, so I will try to paraphrase here the best I can.

When a search is performed, the searcher enters a keyword that is relevant to what they are looking for. The search engine returns a list of websites that could number in the hundreds of thousands. On top of the page and down the right side of the page, you will see those links that are shipped blue. These are the "sponsored links" and are driven by pay per click.

The other results you see listed there are what you want to get into. You want to be in the first 5 or 6 right on top. That is because those are the ones that receive the majority of clicks. This is deemed to be relevant to the keyword (s) and has a high popularity on the web. This is where the "beneficial" part comes into play.

When you set up your keywords, you are telling people that your site is relevant to those keyword (s). In other words, you have a solution to their problem. Now you just need to get them to click your site ahead of the others. The only way to do this is through the power of your sales page. Salesmanship is tantamount in this regard.

A search engines list holds several benefits for the web site owner, including:

• Your site could be seen by millions of seekers annually. Even a fraction of visits from a high search volume keyword can get you tens of thousands of visits per month.

• Numbers like those above increase your overall bottom line dramatically. Getting visitors to actually make a purchase is a numbers game. More people see your site, more people buy your product.

• Name recognition. The more people that see your name or brand displayed in search results on sites like Yahoo or Google, the more they will trust your product.

You want to stick with the larger ones like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos and HotBot. There are others, but the larger ones return more relevant results. This means that you receive a higher quality visitor. A higher quality visitor raises your prospect of getting the sale.

Also remember that these larger networks are a part of even larger networks like the Time-Warner-AOL and Microsoft networks. When you submit your site to these networks, you will also get the benefit of being seen across the entire network. This can result in tens of thousands of visits each and every month for your site.

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