Use a Strategy to Earn Money Online

If you have taken some time scanning through internet to look at internet or affiliate marketers and their success stories, you probably have asked just how they became so successful. Typically, a person's reaction to this is to either sit down and try to plan out just what to do next, or, simply start working online in a haphazard way – just trying one thing or another. What people typically miss or do not understand is that a plan is not enough. While some might luck into success, most will not. What is really needed from the start is a strategy for working online.

Many times, however, people confuse a strategy with a plan. Planning is the process of defining a set list of tasks to be completed in a certain amount of time. For example, you could plan to build a profitable niche website over the next three months. Although this is not a bad way of thinking, a plan is focused on a specific goal. What is not taken into account is a brochure perspective on building your online business through thoughtful growth.

So, just what is a strategy then? Imagine someone who is extremely creative or inventive but has no sense of organization or detail. Now, imagine a planner who can take a goal down to specific steps and dates. A strategy can be thought of as the combination of these two types of thinking. Strategic thinking must utilize some creative thought on what to do with planned goals to reach a leader end result.

A great application of a strategy would be to build an online business that reaches your goal of financial independence and working from home. How could you approach this? Think first of a time-line going from point A to point B where A is your current state and B is where you want to go. The planner would approach this time-line by setting a certain, but small number of significant goals to reach in a specific time. The creative thinker would then ask what they could do at each goal to grow the business.

Let's use the example that you want to focus on niche marketing. A strategy could be that you would first learn niche marketing by creating an information product of interviews with successful marketers who have developed niche sites. You as the interviewer start with little knowledge, but through the interviews you have started learning how to approach niche development, tips and tricks, and best topic areas. With that information you can create a simple, low-cost e-book to sell online.

Now, your strategy has just started to gel – learning the business through interviews, learning how to package an information product, starting to get your name known by others in that same area. This is an example of the creative thinking needed to build something successful. Next, you could start building your own niche websites and blog on how you realized them using much of the knowledge you learned from your interviews. You've now reached even more strategic growth – others will want to learn from your blog while you learn even more with your niche sites.

As you can see this type of strategy to start learning and earning money online can continue to grow and blossom into a full-fledged online business. With some creative thought around how to learn, grow, and achieve, then plan some significant milestones, you can then understand how strategic thinking can lead to real success.

Source by D James

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