What is I AM QUIZ?

What is I AM QUIZ Website About?

What is I AM QUIZ

What is I AM QUIZ?

Best Online Website for Trivia Quiz

Quizzes are a great way to enhance one knowledge; you can test your existing knowledge by solving quizzes related to the topic of interest and even if you don’t score well, you will have the chance to strengthen your concepts about the topic by looking at the answers at the end of the quiz.

While most of us are not exactly sure as how to prepare for any topic – whether it’s for an interview or for general learning purposes –there are easy ways to ready ourselves, the easiest one being solving quizzes online. No need to search for individual questions when you can have access to a plethora of questions bundled together for your ease.

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Whether you are interested in history, sports, showbiz, education, trade, politics, economy, general knowledge and whatnot, I AM QUIZ provides you a platform for lifelong learning. Learning process is a continuous one and we at I AM QUIZ are committed to providing you enough learning material to fulfil all your learning needs.


I AM QUIZ is a forum for everyone, whether you are a kid looking for amazing games, an adult looking to strengthen his knowledge about history, or an old man hoping to revise your concepts of science, in short, we cover all topics and make sure that you get the best user experience in addition to gaining significant amount of knowledge while browsing through our website.

Not just this, we also offer the opportunity to share your knowledge with the world by creating a quiz about something you are good at – even if you are not good at something but still want to enhance your learning as well as help others by compiling a quiz for them –thereby allowing you and our community to augment the learning process.

If you are an enthusiast, willing to learn about anything new, subscribe to our newsletter and emails and we will keep you updated with all the recent happenings on our forum. If you’re worried about us spamming you, answer this: how much can knowledge harm you? EXACTLY! The forum is for you and so are the emails.

You can do us and the website users a favor by pointing out any bugs and frontend issues that may hamper the performance of the website.

Trivia Quiz
Price: Free

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